Donna is an artist living in the woods on a small farm near Paw Paw, Michigan.  Her life of wildcrafting, tending bees, chickens, gardens, horses, goats, and family, come together to create the themes for her current body of work. The Paw Paw river, which runs through the property where she lives, has influenced her newest works as well.

In her decorative pyrographic panels, Donna combines the organic imagery from multiple aspects of her life, with geometry, symbolism and nature illustrations burning this into wood panels. She then uses colored oil stains and a U.V. sealant to finish each picture. This series is available for purchase in original wood panels, prints, note cards, and textiles.

Psanky, is an ancient ceremonial art form dating back to 3000 B.C. used to celebrate fertility and the sun. Using a sequence of colorfast dye baths and a beeswax resist technique similar to batik, she creates intricate designs on eggshells. Pysanky quail, chicken, duck, goose, ostrich eggs are available for purchase as well as earrings and pendants made from pysanky decorated ostrich shells.

To contact Donna, please call 269-808-3331.